“Quirky and contemporary, the Prophets engage their viewers in serious topics, but they do so in silly, unique and uplifting ways.”

-- Heidi J. Loos, Vancouver Weekly

“Cine-elasticity is but a means to an end, giving these short films and their stage presentation extended range, allowing the Prophets to continue any action or theme from one medium to the other.”

-- A.D. Amorosi, Philadelphia Inquirer

“Other sketch comedy troupes may rely on thinly veiled political commentary, slapstick and general gimmickry. But by combining sketch comedy with prerecorded short films, The Minor Prophets do all they can to flout convention.”

-- Maggie Serota, Philadelphia Weekly

“The Minor Prophets whole act is centered around the ‘F’ word—funny.”

-- Joe McAllister, News of Delaware County


The Minor Prophets are a three-man comedy troupe from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since 2001, they have written, directed, and produced over 30 short films. One of their earlier shorts, The Most Important Meal of the Day, has garnered nearly 2 million views on YouTube, and earned them a small cult following in Brazil. Also practiced in the art of sketch comedy, the Prophets have performed seven full-length stage shows, including Raw Dog and Fade to Yellow, both of which premiered at Philly's legendary Trocadero Theater. In 2006, they began working with London-based director/producer Derek Frey, a collaboration that has resulted in six award-winning short films, the most recent being 2016’s Kill the Engine. The Prophets are currently at work on their third feature-length screenplay, a five-act comedy entitled The Only Things That Are True. Principal photography on the film is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2018.